Effective Meetings


Running Effective Meetings There are huge business benefits to be gained from taking the time to review, refine and refocus your current approach to the way you run your meetings. Running effective business meetings is an integral part of optimal business performance. Benefits The Running Effective Meetings course is designed to help you and [...]

Train the Trainer


Train the Trainer Course Our Train the Trainer courses focus on the key delivery skills which make training interesting, engaging and effective. Attending our Training the Trainer course will help you to develop a highly effective, engaging and professional presentation and facilitation style. We will take you through a number of key skills and [...]

Time Management


Time Management Time Management is a critically important aspect of professional development. There are huge benefits to be gained from reviewing and restructuring time management in the work place. Our one-day course will help you to identify ways to plan and prioritise work-based tasks more efficiently and effectively. Pre course contact Delegates are [...]

Presentation Skills


Presentation Skills Our Presentations Skills course is designed to help delegates deliver more professional presentations which generate interest and make more impact. Practicing your presentation in a relaxed and supportive environment where feedback and suggestions from your audience will improve content and technique will help you to become more confident and enthusiastic - helping you [...]

Negotiation Skills


Negotiation Skills Course Effective Negotiation is a critical skill set in the commercial world. Delegates attending the course learn more assertive, influential and effective negotiation techniques, helping them to build confidence and develop a much more successful negotiation style. During this one day negotiation skills course you will learn about some of the critical steps [...]

Sales Training


Sales Training Selling with Impact provides an introduction to “needs-based selling” using the IMPACT selling model. Our sales training course uses realistic customer focussed syndicates to develop a clear and structured insight into the sales process. Using the IMPACT sales model, delegates are taken through key stages and core skills which support an effective [...]

Telephone Sales


Telephone Sales Our telephone sales course will help your sales teams to develop the kind of confidence, understanding and technique which will drive sales and build business. Telephone selling skills is a practical and highly interactive course  providing delegates with an opportunity to discuss current challenges  and practice new skills and techniques  - [...]

Management Development


Management Development Course Help your staff meet the challenging demands of a management or supervisory role by booking them a place on one of our management development courses. Our Management development course covers a range of key skills and core competencies essential in the management role. This is a very interactive course where [...]

Leadership Skills


Leadership Skills Developing and empowering leadership qualities within your people could generate huge organisational impact. Our leadership skills course will provide you with an insight into a broader range of strategic and practical leadership skills – helping you to deal more effectively with the challenges of your role. Key areas covered in our Leadership Skills [...]

Communication Skills


Communication Skills To a large extent, the way we communicate determines how successful we will be in business and in life - there are enormous personal and professional benefits to be gained by attending our communications skills course. This communication skills training course is designed to help delegates develop more effective ways of [...]

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