One to One Training Courses

One to one coaching offer tremendous benefits. If you are looking for a course which offers full engagement, interaction and support then you should consider one of our courses.

Your office or Virtual – we deliver virtual and face to face courses and will deliver the training in a format convenient for you.
Flexible format – the consolidated day allows for a later start, earlier finish and more opportunity to attend to all key focus areas which need to be dealt with during the day
In-depth pre-course contact
Identification of key training needs
Mapping of course content around specific needs
More opportunities for practise, feedback and support

One to one coaching also provides the best opportunity for

For personal and professional development based around your individual needs
Our courses focus on idenitifying your key development needs
Embedding knowledge and understanding of your work based role
Coaching in new techniques and key skills
Post course action planning

All our one to one courses can be run on a live online and face to face basis. For an overview of current in-house courses go to our portfolio page, Our one to one coaching costs £495 + vat per day. For more information on our courses and coaching programmes, please contact us .