In-house Courses

In-house Courses: all of our training and development programmes can be run online live as well as in-house. If you are looking for a more in-depth programme with immediate and lasting impact you should consider one of our in-house programmes.

For an overview of current in-house courses go to our courses page, new course content can be developed on request please contact us to discuss.

An in-house training programme will provide your organisation with a number of important benefits


Course content is built in and developed around your organisation’s particular requirements
Outcomes and objectives are developed around your peoples’ specific needs
Workshops and exercise are developed to accurately reflect the organisation’s current challenges
In-house programmes provide great opportunities to build stronger, more cohesive and more effective teams
Sharing of best practice is directly relevant to each attending delegate
Development of personal action plans has more relevance for delegates, the organisation  and your target markets
Implementation plans are easier to build-in and follow-up as part of an in-house  CPD programme
ROI – return on investment is easier to measure and evaluate as part of an on going CPD arrangement

Flexible format – the tailored format allows greater flexibility; if your people need a later start or earlier finish and more opportunity to attend to work related issues we can provide flexible breaks when required. For greater flexiblity, we can also run these courses live online via Zoom or MS Teams, as well as face to face.

Whether you are looking for a single training event or a programme of events as part of a partnership arrangement, please contact us to discuss how our in-house courses can help your people to improve core business skills, increase professionalism and make more impact.

In-house Course Delivery

Our in-house courses are designed around specific client needs – we will work in partnership with you to map out appropriate content and develop a format which will deliver significant results for your people and fantastic value for your organisation.

In-house Costs

Courses are designed for in-house delivery on a bespoke basis – costs are based around the number of delegates, duration of course and pre-course development work.

For more information on our in-house course or to discuss your training requirements, please contact us on 07375824030 or email us.