Project Description

Telephone Sales

Our telephone sales course will help your sales teams to develop the kind of confidence, understanding and technique which will drive sales and build business.

Telephone selling skills is a practical and highly interactive course  providing delegates with an opportunity to discuss current challenges  and practice new skills and techniques  – skills which  build effective rapport, maintain interest and give gatekeepers and  customers a good reason to “keep the call alive”, pass on contact details, put you through to decision makers.

Syndicates and practical sessions will you to improve your questioning and listening skills, make the most of product and service benefits and help you to respond more effectively when the customer says “no” by providing customer focussed reasons  to say “yes”

 Who Should Attend
If generating leads and sales by phone is your business then you will benefit enormously from attending our Telephone Sales course

Delegates who attend the course will leave with a greater understanding of professional telesales techniques and return to work with the kind of knowledge and confidence that makes immediate impact drives sales success.

Telephone Sales Course Content

Understanding the customer focussed sales process
Identifying needs and benefits which will engage and interest customers
Attitude and behaviours for successful telephone selling
Confidence, drive and self belief
Preparation and planning
Prospecting for new customers by phone
Effective communication technique
Active listening skills
Productive questioning
Bridging and linking
Effective telesales technique
Getting past “No”
Dealing with resistance
Handling concerns and objections
Generating interest and commitment
Closing the sale

Course Costs and Dates


Our open face to face online courses cost £275 + VAT per delegate and any additional delegates at a cost of £200 + VAT per delegate.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements.

 Dates for online courses

20th April 2022

17th May 2022

21st June 2022

Our in-house courses are based on the number of delegates and length of course, for more information please contact us.

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