Project Description

Planning and Organisation

Effective Planning & Organisation are critical to business success. There are huge business benefits to be gained from taking the time to review, refine and refocus your current approach to business planning and organisation.

Our Planning & Organisation course offers delegates a chance to re-evaluate current planning and organisation and develop a more efficient, effective and productive approach to business planning and organisation

Key focus areas for this course include Business Planning, Running Effective Meetings and Time Management. These course elements can be run as separate modules or as a consolidated programme over 1 or 2 days.

Our Planning and Organisation course is designed to help you and your team take a closer look at the way you approach your business. This training course will help you to identify ways in which you can plan and organise in a more structured and effective manner. This course will provide delegates with the knowledge, skill and techniques required to identify current challenges and take the kind of action which will significantly improve operational effectiveness and drive business success.

Pre Course Contact
Delegates are contacted before attending the course to discuss specific development needs, identify training objectives and agree appropriate content areas for the training course.

Planning and Organisation – Course Content

Business Planning

Assessing your market
SWOT analysis
STEP analysis
Boston matrix
Vision & Mission
Preparation and Planning – long, medium and short term goals
Strategy and Tactics – how will you achieve your business objectives?
Prioritisation – task, time, and critical business drivers
Key customers and workload management
Implementation & Review
Return on Investment

Running Effective Meetings

Planning and preparation for effective outcomes
Setting key objectives for your meeting
Setting the agenda to meet planned outcomes
Creating professional impact
Managing content and delivery
Effective facilitation skills
Managing your audience
Developing effective control and management skills
Handling conflict
Generating commitment and positive outcomes
Identifying areas for follow up and development

Time Management

Evolution of approaches to time management
Prioritising – task and time planning
Realistic assessment of workload and deadlines
Developing confidence and assertiveness in the workplace
Managing expectations
Audit and assessment of current approach
Practical tips and techniques to improve your use of time
Time management actions & implementation plan

Course Costs

To book your in-house Planning and Organisation course or for more information please contact us. Our one to one coaching costs £495 + vat per day and our in-house courses are based on the number of delegates and length of course, for more information please contact us.

We also run one day courses in Time Management  and Effective Meetings.

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